You became my heart

Purple Smile



I hope I can fall asleep and never wake up, until one day, your kisses wake me up alive! Then I can smile again looking into your eyes! And realizing that We are still young and the same. We still have TIME to be with each other, like it never passes by.

Do you know the pain of missing you, carves my bone and you became my heart!

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Follow your heart

Lion's gate from Stanley Park, Vancouver
Some say “it takes courage to follow your mind, it takes everything to follow your heart.” Is that true?

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Love you Back

I had a great time at Whistler skiing last week! The weather was perfect! I checked weather report before I decided to go on those two days!

We arrived in the afternoon. After checking in at the hotel, and left mom and friend there. I went straight to the Gondola. Blue sky, cool air, white snow…I was so happy!

An ski instructor pick up on me, gave me some advises on how to do better. Later I realized that he is 78 years ago; however the way he moved like a 20 years old young man!! Unbelievable!!!!

He was so inspiring! And what he told me is so true and I would love to share here. He said, his mom told him when he was young “when you hate someone, he will hate you back; when you love someone, he will love you back, then what you do?”

Of course, I would love to LOVE! For everything I could love, and for everyone I could love!

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Blooming Cherries

Cherry Blossom

I went to Vandusen Botanical Garden this afternoon with mom and girlfriend. Lots of trees and plants are still waiting for the spring coming! This Cherry is among first a few early birds, dancing with the wind, shining like a pink star!

So Beautiful!

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音乐很美,那个很绅士的吉他手很投入。仿佛看到你站在那栈桥上挥手的样子,像是昨天,却是数年。你不是常常说“一日不见,如隔三秋吗?” 海风吹过你的头发,你开着船的样子很可爱。不过我没有告诉你。

那个港湾,泊着你的船的港湾,是我隐隐的心痛。我的心,我的梦,多少次,又回到了那里。现在我回来了,可是,我不再敢去碰触那份隐痛。虽然没有去,但我的心是常去探访的。带着无奈,带着爱! 当城市的灯光亮起的时候,你是不是牵了另一个人的手,像你牵着我的,走过那诗意的栈桥,回到你的泊船的港口呢?

Coal harbour“>


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Life is a journey

For all my friends!
Wish you feel the peace as I do.
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